High Meadows Events

Overview and History

High Meadow Farm has been a work in progress since we bought the original 60 acres in 1999. We’ve lived in Fairview since 1979, but have always wanted to live in what is known as Sugar Hollow, that portion of Fairview at the end of Hwy 74A heading towards Lake Lure. When the opportunity presented itself to buy the heart of this beautiful neighborhood, we couldn’t resist! The acreage we bought had been farmed for decades by the Jamie Clarke Family. Mr. Clarke was a US Congressman that ran a dairy farm on portions of our property before getting into politics. He and his wife Elspeth actually interviewed us before they allowed the sale of the property to us! I guess we passed the test!

We started with nothing but a pasture they grew feed corn on and have slowly transformed it. Our original intent was to build a house on a knoll, but that never happened. We purchased a house adjacent to the 60 acre parcel to live in while we were to build that house. We decided to start by building a road back to the new acreage and building a barn so we could eventually have horses or cows. We hired a local architect, Jim Samsel, to design us a barn and we decided to make it a “timber frame” structure. Timber framing is a fabulous building style that goes back over a thousand years in Western Europe. We had the building site cleared by a local young man and his wife who also sawed the timbers into boards that we used to side the barn. We then chose a local timber frame builder who had never attempted something of this magnitude. However, we had such a good feeling about Jeff Hambley that we just gave him the green light and off he went. We bought the Douglas fir main timbers from Oregon and had them shipped to a warehouse in Fairview where for the next five or six months, Jeff and his crew hand cut each and every timber and pre-assembled the trusses, then brought it all over and erected the skeleton of the barn in a week. While we always intended this to be a working barn with hay and car storage upstairs and the horses downstairs, with the beauty of the wood and the high quality of Jeff’s craftsmanship, we couldn’t bear to stack a bunch of hay in there! So it became the center of our social life and sometimes that of all of Sugar Hollow.

Over time, we added another timber frame barn down the hill to actually be a working barn. We bought 3 horses, 1 for each of our two girls and one for Wendy. Even though there are miles of horse trails around our neighborhood and on our own property, we built a 250 foot by 125 foot arena for the girls to practice their riding skills. Well, unfortunately for us, about the time we finished the arena, the girls discovered they preferred boys over horses! The result is that none of these improvements were really getting used! So, we decided to share the fruits of our labors and make it available for everyone else! It’s really a unique property with peace and quiet, 30 mile views all the way to Mount Pisgah, walking trails and even a small waterfall when the drought isn’t in full swing. We love for people to see our personal Eden, so please give us a call and let us show you the perfect place to have a rehearsal dinner, family reunion, private horse show, get married or have a Holiday party!