High Meadows Events


Because High Meadow is a multi-functional facility, we have various price levels depending upon the particular event, number of attendees and the season of the year. Please call so we can discuss your particular circumstance and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Depending on the particular event, we provide a shuttle service to the venue from either of our parking lots prior to the event, however we are unable to provide shuttle service after the event as frequently guests leave at different times, unless alternate arrangements are made for which there’ll be an additional fee. We have 2 parking lots that are a short downhill walk. We will provide a Port A Jon for groups of 75 or more as we only have 1 bathroom located in the main barn. We are currently only booking one event per weekend which and allow for setup on Friday and require the barn vacated and emptied by noon on Sunday. The client should be aware the upstairs of the barn (which is heated and air-conditioned) will accommodate a maximum of 85 or so seated. We allow for a tent(s) to be erected on the lawn for no charge as long as there’s no damage. The rental cost of the tent is of course borne by the client.

Note: Our contracts are updated from time to time and the contract embedded in this website may not be the most current. Please be sure to verify with your sales contact you have been provided with the most current.